When we undergo aesthetic medical treatment or therapy, there may be cases in which professional malpractice or negligence can cause unexpected or unsatisfactory results, to irreparable damage that can affect our image, good health or self-esteem. In these cases, it is advisable to go to specialized legal advice to claim damages from the clinic or professional, causing the damage.

Botox and fillers

Very delicate products are used that require very precise and professional handling and application, and malpractice can cause serious health problems.

Obesity and weight loss

In cases of bad results attributable to the treatment received, such as a gastric balloon, administration of medications, etc., results or medical negligence as a consequence of damage or consequences, the professional or center that has treated you can be claimed.

Rejuvenation treatments

Negligence cases resulting from damage or sequelae in hyaluronic acid treatments, mesotherapy, and other non-surgical treatments applied in aesthetic medical clinics.

Facial treatments

Unsatisfactory, unexpected results or damage and sequelae in the application of facial treatments such as skincare, skin tightening, stain removal, lip treatments, lifting without surgery, etc.

Body treatments

Damage or bad results in varicose vein treatments, cellulite removal, stretch marks, liposculpture, intimate medicine, and other treatments without surgery.

Laser tattoo removal

Burns, skin blemishes, or results other than those reported by the clinic are some of the common causes of complaint in patients who have come to undergo laser tattoo erasure.

Cosmetic surgery is a field of medicine that treats patients with the aim of improving their physical appearance or correcting cosmetic problems not directly related to health.

It is a field with multiple areas of work both on the face and on the body, and things do not always go as planned or with the expected results.

There are cases in which a medical error, malpractice, or negligence can cause temporary or permanent harm to the patient, physical or psychological consequences, or we simply have not obtained as a patient the result expected or promised by the medical professional.

It is in these cases that a law firm specialized in cosmetic surgery claims must advise and protect the interests of the plaintiff.